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We have grown some of the worlds largest plants with this product - and you can do the same!

Rick's Monster Grow is a ultra fine material containing mycorrhizal fungi that colonizes roots and extends into the surrounding soil forming a essential link between plant and soil resources. With Rick's you will find that it germinates in 28 to 32 hours sending 200,000 spores quickly working in your plant's favor and nobody's product can do this. Most mycorrhizal that other companies produce take up to a year to germinate. About 80% of the worlds plant species form mycorrhiza with these beneficial endomycorrhizal fungi. Working together, beneficial mycorrhizal and tricoderma fungi expand into the surrounding soil or soil free conditions and greatly increase the root's ability to absorb water, nutrients, improve yields and plant health.

Grow like you've never grown before. You can grow four inch corn stalks. As you may know there are many different kinds of mycorrhizae. Over 2,100 species identified in North America - more than 5,000 worldwide. 1,000's of different companies that sell it, but we have targeted it like no other companies can. Having grown a 42 pound head of cabbage, I'd say that we have done things with our product that nobody else has ever done. Rick's Monster Grow can never be matched by any company.

Rick's special mix of mycorrhizal inoculants are used as amendments in hydroponic solutions and bare root preparations to inoculate plants and trees with live beneficial fungi when transplanting, and for treating established plants in decline. Beneficial bacteria & sea kelp are added to promote rapid root development. To reduce transplant stress a 1/2 cup application applied to the root system will inoculate your plant, flower or trees for the duration of its life.

You will receive a 4 gallon application - enough to inoculate 120 plants.

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Order your Rick's Monster Grow application with complete confidence - you won't be disappointed!

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$239.96 - Rick's Monster Plant Mix-Buy 4 and get 6 orders.

$479.92 - Rick's Monster Plant Mix-Buy 8 and get 12 orders.

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