Rick’s Monster Grow & Seed Company has led the industry since the beginning. We carry the best seeds and Mycorrhizal Plant Mix in the world. Rick’s Monster Grow Mycorrhizal Plant Mix is an ultra fine material containing mycorrhizal fungi that colonizes roots and extends into the surrounding soil forming an essential link between plant and soil resources.

We grow some the world’s largest plants and now you can do the same.

Mycorrhizal Plant Mix

Rick’s Monster Grow Mycorrhizal Plant Mix

  • $59.99 / Bottle
  • $1200 for 10Lb Bag

Rick's Monster Seeds

Rick’s Monster Seeds are

  • $10USD Each
  • $120 for a pack of 12
  • $150 for a pack of 15

We pay all shipping & handling and give you a 180 day personal satisfaction guarantee. You can stop by our office or just put a check, money order or other form of U.S. legal tender for $59.99 in an envelope and send it to: Author Maughs 375 Junction. Rd. Glendale OR 97442