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About Rick’s Monster Grow



Rick’s Monster Grow has deep roots in the cannabis field. The reach of it’s founder, Rick Maughs, has gone above and beyond to bring a comprehensive look into one of the most controversial topics facing the Western World today, the legalization of medical marijuana.

Rick has devoted over twenty years of his life weeding through the legalization process of Medical Marijuana. His true love of growing and sharing the benefits of medical cannabis took Rick on a journey through a hard fought process that has made Rick’s Monster Grow a pioneer in the field today. His hard won path has paved the way for growers nationwide to know their rights and begin their own journeys into the field of medical cannabis.

Through a conscientious and scientific approach, Rick’s Monster Grow has created the best mychorrizal plant mix and starter seeds on the market to date, and an extensive guide to knowing your rights as a grower of Medical cannabis.